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Here We Go…The Start of the 2015 Season…30-1 Super Bowl Odds


The season is finally here and the team looks very different though the feelings about the season remain the same. The Giants had a lot of question marks on offense which they tried their best to address this off season.

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The Draft, Free Agency and Training Camp Expectations

The summer, baseball is in the back nine of their forever lasting season, it’s just horribly hot out and we now count the days till training camps begins. The Giants had a very Giants like off-season with the draft and

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Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum

So what game should Ryan Nassib start? Who the hell is Larry Donnell? Are we ready to fire Fewell yet? The offense is clicking, the defense is back and the Giants are going win the NFC East. Who isn’t impressed

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Third downs Week 15

As noted in last week’s write-up the Giants have serious lack of production problem.  Three and outs are the norm as is throwing the ball on third and shorts (not successfully). The Seahawk game was the third time this season

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Let’s Not Go Crazy

The season has been a disaster; I’ve written so much about it I’m fatigued from highlighting problems.  The offensive line is a disaster, Manning is making poor decisions (news flash, not new) and our defense is playing well but is

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The Winning Streak Means Nothing if They Don’t Win Sunday


The Giants come into this weekend’s game at MetLife against the Dallas Cowboys on a four game winning streak after dropping their opening six games.  The Giants offense has been more effective but still has lots of room for improvement.

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Giant Expectations

Giants Packers Football

I’ve resisted the temptation to jump on the “Giants are on a roll, watch out!” bandwagon. So far the Giants have beaten three teams they should have; three teams with significant injuries greatly affecting their ability to compete. The Giants

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Giants Second half of the Season: Probable or Possible?

Lost Eli

Week 9 comes to an end tonight and in six days week 10 will be here. The New York Football Giants will be hosting the Oakland Raiders at Metlife when they return from their week 9 bye.  The Giants bye

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Week 8 Third Downs 2013

The Giants are improving on shortening their third down attempts. Conversions are still weak compared to the league but have increased from the start of season mainly due to the the fact they are not facing so many 3 &

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What’s Up with Rueben Randle?

I’ve been particularly hard on Reuben Randle for good reason this season. His mental mistakes have been costly in close games. Just three weeks earlier he had a season high 13 targets, 6 receptions for 96 yards against a terrible

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