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The impact of a team with no running game is powering the Giants failures this season

Tom Coughlin arms

The last three games have been painful to watch as a New York Giants fan.  The Giants have tied an NFL record with 5-games in which they were leading into the final two minutes of the game and lost the

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Past Results Not Indicative Future Performance

Brady sitting on the field

Not many teams can say they have a winning record against Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Tom Coughlin is 5-1 in his career against Belichick and 3-1 since 2008 with two super bowl rings.  When Belicheck was asked about Coughlin

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It’s a Trap Game…In The Giants Favor!

So this week the Giants host the 49ner’s at Metlife. Every part of this week’s game should be a warning sign to every 49ner fan out there.  The Giants are under performing and suffering from detrimental injuries on both sides

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The Two Week Aptitude Test Starts This Sunday Night


I’m coming around but I’m not about to call the Giants super bowl contenders….yet… The Giants are rolling. The offense is really coming together like we haven’t seen before. They scored 30-pointsin three consecutive games. Many of my readers weren’t

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Let’s Not Go Crazy

The season has been a disaster; I’ve written so much about it I’m fatigued from highlighting problems.  The offensive line is a disaster, Manning is making poor decisions (news flash, not new) and our defense is playing well but is

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Huge Defensive Win but GIANT Problems Still Exist

The 2013 Giants should be remembered for being consistently inconsistent.  After a painful loss to the Cowboys the Giants rebounded with an ugly win over the Redskins.  I don’t’ want to take away from the Giants 2nd half defense which

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The Winning Streak Means Nothing if They Don’t Win Sunday


The Giants come into this weekend’s game at MetLife against the Dallas Cowboys on a four game winning streak after dropping their opening six games.  The Giants offense has been more effective but still has lots of room for improvement.

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Giant Expectations

Giants Packers Football

I’ve resisted the temptation to jump on the “Giants are on a roll, watch out!” bandwagon. So far the Giants have beaten three teams they should have; three teams with significant injuries greatly affecting their ability to compete. The Giants

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Week 8 Third Downs 2013

The Giants are improving on shortening their third down attempts. Conversions are still weak compared to the league but have increased from the start of season mainly due to the the fact they are not facing so many 3 &

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Giants Go For TWO!

Chip Kelly Signs

HEY HEY HEY we got a win….Far from an impressive win but a win is a win is a win. But we still have SOOO many problems. But let’s look forward to the Giants Eagles game. Once again both teams

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