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Week 1 ReCap: 1, 2……3? Maybe 2? I’m pretty sure it’s 3…


You never want to look back on a game, no matter the game, and point to one specific play/possession that defined the outcome. The Giants were out played the entire game. The Cowboys moved the ball at will mostly without

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Here We Go…The Start of the 2015 Season…30-1 Super Bowl Odds


The season is finally here and the team looks very different though the feelings about the season remain the same. The Giants had a lot of question marks on offense which they tried their best to address this off season.

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The Draft, Free Agency and Training Camp Expectations

The summer, baseball is in the back nine of their forever lasting season, it’s just horribly hot out and we now count the days till training camps begins. The Giants had a very Giants like off-season with the draft and

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Well, then there is that

Musical Chairs

Who saw that second half coming?  The musical chairs of offensive linemen continues to provide excellent protection for dear ole Eli. Speaking of, for the all Eli haters who believe junking him and TC will bring a brighter future. Manning

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The Two Week Aptitude Test Starts This Sunday Night


I’m coming around but I’m not about to call the Giants super bowl contenders….yet… The Giants are rolling. The offense is really coming together like we haven’t seen before. They scored 30-pointsin three consecutive games. Many of my readers weren’t

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Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum

So what game should Ryan Nassib start? Who the hell is Larry Donnell? Are we ready to fire Fewell yet? The offense is clicking, the defense is back and the Giants are going win the NFC East. Who isn’t impressed

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Week Four Will Define if We’re Arnold or Danny?

So let me start this week’s blog with the disclaimer I didn’t watch a single play live. I was away with my wife for my 1st wedding anniversary.  Through reading the beat writer’s tweets and the game cast on CBS

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I’m Putting It Out There: I’m Buying Manning Stock.

So week one went as expected.  No one thought it would be perfect, no one expected it to be as bad as it was and in the end we still have no idea what to expect from the Giants this

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Stop the Nassib will be starting in two years conversation

The New York Football Giants start the 2014 football season this Monday night in the early game @ 4:10pm in Detroit Rock City.  There is no better way to find out how bad this offensive line is going to be

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Giant Changes: Issues Still Remain Entering The Draft

“I think our offense is broken,” Mara said. “We need to improve on the offensive side. To me, that is the No. 1 personnel priority going into the offseason is we need improve the offensive line. My biggest concern coming

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