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Why I’m Shorting McAdoo Stock

One down and four more to go. This week the Giants host the Cowboys at home at MetLife.  The Giants are 5-1 this season at home but the strength of schedule can be easily debated. Their only loss was to

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The impact of a team with no running game is powering the Giants failures this season

Tom Coughlin arms

The last three games have been painful to watch as a New York Giants fan.  The Giants have tied an NFL record with 5-games in which they were leading into the final two minutes of the game and lost the

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Past Results Not Indicative Future Performance

Brady sitting on the field

Not many teams can say they have a winning record against Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Tom Coughlin is 5-1 in his career against Belichick and 3-1 since 2008 with two super bowl rings.  When Belicheck was asked about Coughlin

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Here We Go…The Start of the 2015 Season…30-1 Super Bowl Odds


The season is finally here and the team looks very different though the feelings about the season remain the same. The Giants had a lot of question marks on offense which they tried their best to address this off season.

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Well, then there is that

Musical Chairs

Who saw that second half coming?  The musical chairs of offensive linemen continues to provide excellent protection for dear ole Eli. Speaking of, for the all Eli haters who believe junking him and TC will bring a brighter future. Manning

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It’s a Trap Game…In The Giants Favor!

So this week the Giants host the 49ner’s at Metlife. Every part of this week’s game should be a warning sign to every 49ner fan out there.  The Giants are under performing and suffering from detrimental injuries on both sides

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  Losing = Poor execution and game calling

So you can’t predict injuries you can only try to mitigate them with strength and conditioning.   But when it rains it pours at least with the Giants.  What started with an offensive lineman has now snowballed balled into what feels

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Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum

So what game should Ryan Nassib start? Who the hell is Larry Donnell? Are we ready to fire Fewell yet? The offense is clicking, the defense is back and the Giants are going win the NFC East. Who isn’t impressed

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It’s Ugly But it Still Drives

Please add to the list of things I no longer want to hear “In 2007 we started 0-2 and went to the super bowl”.  We’re going into week three and there is already a fairly good argument the Giants won’t

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Reuben Who?

0-0-0….That type of game for everyone.   script type=’text/javascript’> var ClickMeter_conversion_id = ‘ConversionIDexample’; var ClickMeter_conversion_value = ‘0.00’; var ClickMeter_conversion_commission = ‘0.00’; var ClickMeter_conversion_parameter = ’empty’; go to example

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