Welcome to My New York Giants


Welcome to My New York Giants!

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MyNYG.com was created by me, Joe Gonsalves, a long time Giants fan, founder and operator of New York Giant Fans Unite San Francisco ( www.meetup.com/NYGiantsfansuniteSF/) and contributing blogger to www.huddleball.com.

I wanted to create a new website as a platform for me to write and expand my thoughts about my beloved New York Giants.  Some find my insights interesting and challenging others think I’m just an idiot.  Either way I hope you enjoy the website and I look forward to everyone’s contribution to the posts.

Please note that though I will try my hardest to avoid grammar, spelling and typo’s I”m a one man show with a lot going on. Please be patient with my writing as some times they will be rapid with minimal review.

Please comment and add your point(s) of view on all posts and comments. I do ask that you take the time to register your name before you comment so the dialogue can be constructive and people can respond directly to  posts.


Joe Gonsalves